Goldpanning in Slovakia

The Slovak Republic has a long and abundant history of goldmining. In spite of the rather small extent of 49036 km², the geological building is wealth of forms, and a long time ago the inhabitants already knew how to make use of the natural ressources.The eldest proof of mining on the territory of today’s Slovak Republic can be found in the area of „Spania Dolina“ (Central Slovakia), up to 3500 BC. In his work „De Re Metallica Libri XII“ from 1550, Georgius Agricola mentions in the chapter about gold- and silvermining that mining of those metals has a longer tradition in this part of Europe than in Freiburg in Germany. Gold has alredy been mined by Celts and Romans in Slovakia. At the end of the 13 th century, the first mining company was founded, and by 1570 already 300 companies existed. This rapid development caused migration of miners from Germany and Tyrol to Slovakia. In the mines of Banska Stiavnica, black gunpowder has been used for the first time in mining on Feb.8 th , 1627 by Caspar Weindl. The significance of mining in Slovakia is also shown by the number of names of towns which are derived from mining terminology. In the year 1735, the first school for miners was founded in Banska Stiavnica. In 1765 it became the first mining academy. In modern history of goldmining in Slovakia, the extraction of gold from the sediments of the Danube during the years 1932-39 is interesting. The AUREA corp. extracted the gold by using dredgers. The end of these mining activities is in relation to the economiy crisis at the end of the Thirties. The mining was not continued after the Second World War, but today you can still find some goldpanners at the Danube. But not only the Danube is interesting for goldpanners. Almost every stream and river in Slovakia contains gold. Source of this gold is not only the region in Central Slovakia around Kremnica and Banska Stiavnica, but also the Vysoké Tatry (High Tatra) and many other mountain ranges. Today goldpanning has a meaning as entertainment and recreational sport, where you can connect your stay in free nature with unforgettable experiences. With a little bit of luck and dexterity, your effort will be rewarded by finding glittering pieces of gold in your pan.